The 54th Montreux Jazz Festival

DATES                                          July 03 - 18, 2020

The BASICS: Hotel, breakfast and Three Montreux Jazz Lab tickets          

The COMPLETE Package: Hotel, breakfast and Montreux Jazz Club reserved seat tickets with and Upgrade Option to Ciao! Premium Reserved Table seats, Welcome Party, Trolley Pass for stay, Jazz Train & More.
The LUXURY Package: Hotel, breakfast and Montreux Jazz Stravinski Hall VIP Tickets, Upgrade Option to Ciao! Premium Reserved Seats, VIP Welcome Party, Festival Program & T-Shirt, Geneva Airport Train to Montreux, Jazz Train, Trolley Pass for stay and More. Access to Elton John tickets as available.  

2019 MONTREUX Jazz Festival Program
The 2020 Program to be announced End-April       
Forget the cliché of snow and bobsled runs...southern Switzerland is known for its palm trees and tropical flowers warmed by Mediterranean winds. Montreux, on the Swiss Riviera, is one of Europe's hottest summer resorts, especially during the 2018 Montreux Jazz Festival.  

VENUES: Three spaces, three different sounds
“Nothing is impossible for dreamers.”  This motto drives an evolving Montreux Jazz Festival.  Steeped in a rich heritage, the Montreux Jazz Festival is being lovingly polished like a treasured LP.  On the A-side:  three paying venues with their own specific personalities.  On the B-side:  a selection of free events, fully remastered for this edition.


AUDITORIUM STRAVINSKI Capacity 2800 persons seated - 4000 persons standing/220 seated
A giant of a venue with a peerless reputation.  Bearing the patina of countless legendary artists, this auditorium exudes emotion on a massive scale.  A veritable anthology factory, this master stage still echoes with the voices of David Bowie, James Brown, B.B. King, Keith Jarrett, Carlos Santana, Etta James, Patti Smith, Massive Attack, Björk, Radiohead, Leonard Cohen, Deep Purple, or Prince.  If these walls could talk…

MONTREUX JAZZ CLUB Capacity 600 persons seated
Up close and personal with the artists.  Claude Nobs wanted to bring old-school class to the Festival with an authentic listening experience.  The brand-new Montreux Jazz Club is the touchstone of the Festival, where music lovers and purists come for an absolutely unique musical experience.  Showcasing major talents, songwriters, as well as the next generation of jazz (among others…), the Club provides impeccable service to guests and instruments alike in an intimate, cozy atmosphere.  And when an improvised jam starts up, there’s no closing down the Club…


MONTREUX JAZZ LAB - Capacity 2000 persons standing
An entirely new platform, interactive and in your face.  A heady mix of audiovisual experiments, with newcomers, artists engaged in comebacks, and even groups making buzz all around the planet smashing into each other like high-energy particles.  Edgy concerts and incredible artists:  the Lab concocts new crossover formulas to test on a curious audience.  Add a little heat, and the chemistry goes wild, as the Lab transforms into a test-tube for electronic music late into the night.

TRAINS, BOATS & CRÉATIONS. These “home-made” classics of music in motion, both figuratively and literally, transport musical discovery beyond four walls out on the rails and Lake Geneva.


Free, Free, Free!

Free events are the flipside of the Festival.  Free stages, free clubbing, free workshops:  the variety is endless!  Enjoy the thrill of the crowd surrounded by one of the most spectacular natural backdrops on Earth!

The Montreux Jazz Festival is shaking up the completely remodeled lakefront promenade.  After all, it is the Year of the Snake, so we are revealing a whole new skin!  Rue Emery is becoming the nerve center of a new network of carefully designed spaces.  The architects at Bureau A have articulated the lakefront around the origins of jazz, paying homage to the African-American music that is at the heart of the Festival.  Feel the heartbeat of that rich history in the new neon-lit artery:  the Jazz Strip.  Waterfront terrace restaurants and bars line a reimagined Chicago-Vegas.  Day and night, the pink and blue electric lighting will guide the public from surprise to surprise:


This lively, open-air venue kicks off early each afternoon. Enjoy countless concerts from the green grass. Prepare yourself for a dizzying variety of talents.



Every night you will enjoy concerts, Jazz cocktails, dance classes, followed by DJ sets. The watchword here is “Caliente”!



A fusion of the aftershows at the Lab and the Studio in a larger space, the Strobe assembles the absolute best from the world of electronic music in the very space where, as early as 1968, Claude Nobs was organizing legendary events that were famous for their psychedelic light shows.


COMPETITIONS & WORKSHOPS The highly popular Montreux Jazz Competitions are a top-flight launchpad for talented young artists from all over the world, and which reveal the jazz headliners of tomorrow.



Encouraging the unexpected is one of The Montreux Jazz Festivals most important hallmarks. Post Show JAMS bring together musicians looking to play every night, all night long! Fearless young artists take the stage and jam shoulder to shoulder with headliner artists from all the festival halls, resulting in improvisational jams that are  memorable!



The pool at the Casino was a space steeped in the Montreux ambiance starting in 1967. Non-stop DJ sets and sun-drenched eatables—ideal for making a splash on the dance floor!

The Lisztomania will replace the Rock Cave. The programming for this new venue will be more eclectic, but still dedicated to discoveries and independent musical forms. We can already reveal the presences of Warhaus, solo project of Maarten Devoldere, singer for the group Balthazar. During the press conference, Warhaus performed three excerpts from a sublime first album that is evocative of the musical aesthetics of Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen

Relax over a superb lunch on your hotel terrace, overlooking the beauty and majestic of Lake Geneva. Golf, sail, water ski or simply laze about the pool listening to the afternoon open air concerts. Montreux's magical natural beauty, renown Swiss hospitality and incredible jazz scene will make your Jazz Europe vacation a dream come true.